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Which Word Doesn't Belong?

We’ve fished through the roughly 1 million words of the English language to bring you 11 sets that are meant to trip your mental vocab list up. If you’re the type of person who enjoys those “word of the day calendars” this quiz was made with you in mind. Enjoy!

Can You Recall 11 Classic Schoolyard Games?

We were all kids once and recess was certainly the favorite part of the school day for many. See how many of these schoolyard games you can remember from back then. Each question will give a you clue about the game or its rules. We hope you enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Basic Gardening Questions?

According to experts, gardening is one of the largest hobby industries worldwide. It’s not hard to see why as it affords people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, beautify their surroundings, and relieve some stress. We’ve compiled some basic questions on gardening to test your green thumb’dness. Enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Medical Specialties?

It won't take a doctor to identify all of these specialties, but be sure to read the descriptions carefully. They may be common, but not every specialty is as clear cut as you may first think. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Fictional Character Riddles?

We’ve chosen some famous fictional characters from movies, television, and children’s stories. We will provide clues about them and all you have to do is pick out the correct character. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Grade School Analogies?

A quiz is to fun, as work is to...? We'll leave that for you to decide. But can you answer 11 grade school analogies? Click to find out!

Can You Finish 11 Popular Quotes?

We’ve plucked some of the most popular quotes of all time and removed a key word or phrase from each. Can you put the quote back together using the correct options available? We hope you enjoy!

Are You A Good Driver?

We’ve taken some questions from basic driving manuals and driver’s education rulebooks to test your knowledge on the rules of the road. After the quiz you can see all the answers at the bottom of the results page. Enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Basic Cooking Techniques?

Everyone needs to cook at least once in a while, but can you identify 11 cooking terms and techniques? If your idea of cooking means boiling an egg or making instant noodles, this might be a tough one for you! We hope you enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Phobias?

Do you know what Arachnophobia is a fear of? If so, you've already got one of the 11 answers. We've compiled a list of some of the more common and strange ones. Can you tell what each one of these phobias fear?

Can You Identify 12 World Countries On a Blank Map?

We've taken a map of the world and removed all the labels. Just by looking at a portion of the blank map, can you identify which countries are highlighted green? It might not be as easy as you think. Enjoy!

Can You Identify 10 Common Fast Food Items By Sight?

Fast food restaurants are everywhere, and if you are like many of us, you probably have it more than you would like. Whether it's your guilty pleasure or just a daily necessity to save time, they certainly have their appeal. Can you identify these common fast food items by just a photo? This quiz is zero calories, so enjoy!