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Can You Answer 10 World War II Questions?

How much do you know about arguably the most significant war of the 20th century? Did you know that some of our closest allies were once our bitter enemy? Test your memory and recall ability with this WWII quiz.

How Well Do You Remember 2015?

We’ve cobbled together the top news headlines of 2015 to see if you’ve been paying attention. We here at IHQ would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and good luck!

Can You Answer 10 US Currency Questions?

U.S. currency has many common myths and just as many unbelievable facts. Can you identify the fact from fiction? Take this quiz to find out if you are a money aficionado.

Can You Identify 12 Candies Out Of Wrapper?

Although we may not eat as many of these now, we bet at some point you've come across or tasted one of these delectable kid's treats. The sugar rush is real with this one, but can you identify all of these candies outside of their wrappers and with all identifying branding removed from them?

Can You Identify 11 Classic TV Shows By Their Characters?

We’ve scanned back in time and selected some of our favorite classic TV shows. We’ve provided the character names, but can you select the show they came from? Enjoy!


Over the past few decades so many great TV shows have come and gone, but some are not forgotten. Let's take a walk down memory lane and see how many of these oldies but goody TV shows you can identify with just a couple of clues. Good luck and have fun!

Can You Answer 10 Basic Rocket Scientist Questions?

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist... Or does it? Test out your knowledge of this famous subject to see if you can score the top honors.

Can You Pass A Chemistry 101 Quiz?

Think you can remember anything from those dreaded chemistry classes? Let's see if you can make your chem teacher proud!

Do You Know These Basic Car Part Functions?

If you count every single screw and tidbit that goes into it, the average car today is made from roughly 30,000 individual parts. It would take a master mechanic to know every single one, so we’ve selected just 11 major ones to test your knowledge. Enjoy!

Can You Identify 10 Famous Dynamic Duos?

Are they best friends, partners in crime, or dynamic duos? Call them what you want, but we’re pretty sure they are greater than just the sum of their parts. For better or worse, they build each other up and make each other more than they could be alone. But, can you solve 10 famous dynamic duo riddles? Good luck and enjoy!

Can You Pass This 11 Question Random Trivia Challenge?

Do you enjoy general trivia? If so, these quizzes were made with you in mind. We’ve got 11 questions from 11 different topics. Can you score a perfect result? Don't forget to share your results with a few friends to see if they can pass this random trivia challenge. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 10 Sports Terminology Questions?

Ten sports and ten terms; can you correctly answer them all? We will describe the term and all you have to do is pick it out of the 4 provided. We hope you enjoy!