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Can You Correctly Use 14 English Tenses?

This quiz is all about proper verb tense usage. For instance, when do you use "ran" instead of "run?" Read the directions carefully and beware the grammar police!

Can You Debunk 11 Popular Urban Legends?

Whether you call them “old wives tales”, myths, or “urban legends”, they are passed along from person to person as if they were 100% true. But, can you pick out the ones which are and the ones which are not based on fact? Enjoy and don't forget to share. Thank you!

Can You Spot 11 Commonly MISSPELLED Words?

We've scoured through the roughly 1 million English words to come up with a list of 11 questions full of these spelling troublemakers. All you have to do is eliminate the 2 that are misspelled or pinpoint the 1 that isn't to win. Enjoy!

Can You Solve 12 Food Idiom Riddles?

Food food food! Need we say more? Well we all love food so much that it’s even melted into our language. Let’s see how many of these food related idioms you can correctly answer. Enjoy!

Can You Pass A Genius Exam?

This is unlike any typical standardized exam. These questions are meant to highlight the "normal" shortcomings of roughly 98% of the general population. Think you have what it takes to pass? If so, let's see if you can outsmart a this genius test!

Can You Pass The Ultimate Andy Griffith Show Quiz?

Who can forget Andy Griffith who played a widower sheriff of a small town named Mayberry. Andy and son Opie live with Aunt Bee, who takes care of the family. Andy's deputy is his bumbling but neurotically hilarious cousin, Barney Fife. But, enough with the introductions, can you pass this ultimate Andy Griffith Show Quiz?

Can You Identify 10 Great Humanitarians Of The World?

Using just the clues provided, can you pick out the correct person who positively impacted the world from past and present? This certainly isn't a complete list, but rather an eclectic and memorable mix. We hope you enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Greek Mythology Questions?

Many mythologies from some of the greatest past civilizations have survived even till today, and we’ve compiled some of the best known to quiz that noggin o’ yours. Think you have what it takes to become a myth master? Let’s find out… Enjoy!

Can You Identify 10 Important Women From History?

Can you identify 10 of the most influential women in history from just a few facts about their lives? Unless you are a history buff, this quiz might be a tough one. We hope you enjoy it though!

Can You Answer 11 Astronomy Questions?

All it takes is a quick look into the night sky to begin to imagine why it has captivated people for millennia. Today we have the technology necessary to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and further into the universe than ever before. Do you think you can correctly answer 11 basic astronomy questions? Enjoy!

Can You Finish These 10 Beatles Lyrics?

The Beatles headed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr lead the British Invasion in style. They came, they saw, and the conquered, but can you finish 10 famous Beatles lyrics? Good luck!

Can You Answer 11 Basic Wine Questions?

Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine every now and again, or maybe even a couple a night. We've scoured through wine article after wine article to find some of the most interesting facts about this millennial old drink. We hope you enjoy it!