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How Well Do You Remember The 1980s?

The 1980s saw rapid social and economic change for most of the industrialized nations. Using just the clues provided, can you answer 11 questions about this "rad" decade?

How Well Do You Know The 1970s?

Portrayed as a decade of drastic change, this decade was filled with many major events. Using the clues provided, can you answer these questions about the 70s? Enjoy!

Can You Pass A 5th Grade Vocabulary Test?

We all think we’re pretty smart, but do you think can you score an A+ on a 5th grade vocab test? There’s nothing sneaky going on here. We will provide the definition of a word and all you have to do is select the correct word out of the list provided. Good Luck!

Can You Identify 11 Movies By Their Characters?

We've chosen some of the top movies from decades past, and you will be given a few main characters from each. Using just those clues, can you identify what movie they came from? Enjoy!

Can You Identify 10 Fictional Worlds?

We’ve picked out some of the most memorable and famous fictional locations from movies, TV, and books. We’ll provide a few clues and all you have to do is pick out the proper location. Enjoy!

Test Your Knowledge With 10 Random Trivia Questions

Test your knowledge of the world with this series of random trivia questions. Questions will be from 10 different categories. Send these quizzes to your friends to settle once and for all who is the smartest.

Can You Answer 10 Random Trivia Questions?

Test your knowledge of the world with this series of random trivia questions. Each questions will be from a different topic/category. Share this to challenge your friends to see once and for all who is the smartest!

Can You Answer 11 General Knowledge Questions #3?

Do you enjoy random trivia and general knowledge questions? If so, this quiz was made with you in mind. We’ve got 11 questions from 11 different topics. Can you score a perfect result?

Can You Answer 11 General Knowledge Trivia Questions #2?

If you're a bright bulb and love to test that world knowledge, this quiz was made for you! We’ve selected 11 questions from 11 different categories to test your brain’s grey matter. Take a couple minutes to see how well you can do, and don’t forget to challenge a friend afterwards to compare your brain sizes. Enjoy!

Can You Identify The 12 Greatest FADS of All Time?

They spread like wildfire and disappear almost as quickly. Can you recall 12 of the greatest fads of all time?

Can You Spot 11 Gross Food Additives?

Unfortunately, ingredient lists for packaged foods read more and more like a chemistry science project. With our help, you can better identify some of these techniques and scientific nomenclature at your local grocery store. What you find out here could help improve your dietary life!

Can You Identify 11 Major Mishaps From History?

Ooops! We all make mistakes hair and their, but these blunders are on a magnidude all there own. See what we did there? The grammar and spelling police please don’t show up at our doors. This was all in good fun. Check out the quiz to see if you can remember some of the largest mishaps in history. Good Luck!