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Can You Solve 10 Tough Christmas Song Riddles?

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas CD is put on repeat and the radio is full of Christmas cheer. But, do you listen intently enough to solve these 10 Christmas song related riddles? This might be harder than you think. Enjoy and good luck!

Can You Answer 11 Simple Math Questions?

Who needs a math tutor when you can QUIZ yourself smart? All you have to do is calculate the answers carefully, but be mindful of the “order of operations.” Good luck!

Can You Answer 11 Tough Vocab Questions?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the more vocabulary words to test your noggin. We'll provide the definition, and all you have to do is pick out the word which fits the best. This might be harder than you think. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Tricky Technology Questions?

It’s all around us and everyday it seems to get bigger and more complicated. From the chips in our microwaves to the stuff inside of our phones, can you answer 11 questions about the technology we use every day?

Can You Complete 11 Classic Christmas Carols?

It's that special time of year again! When you get to spend time with family and not feel too bad for stuffing your face with delicious food & liquid joy. Join in on the Christmas fun and sing along with this quiz to see how many classic carols and songs you can complete. Have a jolly holiday season!

Can You Identify 11 Tricky Plural Words?

In most cases, to make a word plural you just have to add an "s" or an "es" at the end. However, things aren’t always that simple and there are a few exceptions to that rule. We will provide a word or phrase all you have to do is pick its correct pluralized form. Can you correctly identify all 11? Good luck and enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 World Locales By One Photo?

Every year millions of people fly across the globe to witness these wondrous natural landscapes, breathtaking engineering marvels, and jaw dropping earthly anomalies. Can you answer 11 questions about some of the world’s most popular sites?

Can You Pass a 1960s Pop Culture Quiz?

From The Beatles, to the White House, and everything in between, we've got a fantastic collection of popular culture questions centered around that decade in America. If you were alive in that great era or are a scholar of that time, we're depending on you to keep the average score high! Good luck and enjoy!

Which Word Doesn't Belong?

We’ve fished through the roughly 1 million words of the English language to bring you 11 sets that are meant to trip your mental vocab list up. If you’re the type of person who enjoys those “word of the day calendars” this quiz was made with you in mind. Enjoy!

Can You Recognize 10 Classic Mascots?

From video games to fast food chains, we cherry-picked some of the most iconic mascots of yesteryear. We’ll provide a classic photo and a written clue to help you figure it out. Grab your thinking cap and hit the button below to begin. Enjoy!

Can You Pass a Personal Finance 101 Test?

These terms and tools affect us everyday, but many of us couldn't tell one from another. This quiz will test your knowledge and hopefully help dispel common misconceptions about the finance industry and its tools. All the answers will be provided at the end for your reference. Good luck!

Can You Answer 12 Common Idiom Questions?

The proper definition of an idiom is “an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements.” A few examples are when someone “kicks the bucket” or when something costs an “arm and a leg.” We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most common to see if you can answer questions about them. Good luck!