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Can You Finish 11 Popular Quotes?

We’ve plucked some of the most popular quotes of all time and removed a key word or phrase from each. Can you put the quote back together using the correct options available? We hope you enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Body Part Functions?

Using just the clues provided, can you pick out which part of the human body performs the function(s) described? We’ve select 11 major ones; we hope you enjoy!

Can You Answer 12 Basic Algebra Questions?

For many, this level of algebra was taught right around middle school. Test yourself to see how much you have retained all these years. We hope you enjoy!

Can You Use 11 Commonly Confused Words?

Homonyms, homophones, and words that sort of sound alike will be found scattered throughout this quiz. We've plucked them from each sentence and it's up to you to fill in the blanks with the word that fits the best. Enjoy! Also, don't forget, sharing is caring :)

Can You Identify 10 US Landmarks By Sight?

Inside of the "land of the free and the home of the brave!" Can you name these important U.S. landmarks? We hope you enjoy it!

Can You Translate 14 Tricky Legal Terms?

Sometimes legal terminology can seem like a foreign language film with no subtitles. Can you figure out what these next 14 terms actually mean? This will probably be tough for you non-legal industry people, but you never know. You could surprise us. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Basic Anatomy Questions?

The human body is highly complex, but we’ve plucked an assortment of questions that should cover most of the human body basics. Can you correctly answer them all?

Do You Know These Basic Car Part Functions?

If you count every single screw and tidbit that goes into it, the average car today is made from roughly 30,000 individual parts. It would take a master mechanic to know every single one, so we’ve selected just 11 major ones to test your knowledge. Enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Famous People Of The 70s?

We’ve compiled a list of large events surrounding individuals that happened in the 1970s. We will provide the clues, but can you identify the correct person? We hope you enjoy this!

Can You Translate 11 Medical Terms?

Medical terms are often combinations of various smaller components put together to paint a single picture. Can you figure out what these smaller parts mean?

What Do People First Notice About You?

Do you want to know what characteristic people first notice about you and why? Let’s see if we can help pinpoint that. Just answer the following questions honestly and we’ll calculate it out for you. Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 General Trivia Questions?

Do you enjoy general trivia? If so, these quizzes were made with you in mind. We’ve got 11 questions from 11 different topics. Can you score a perfect result? Enjoy!