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Can You Identify 10 Great Humanitarians Of The World?

Using just the clues provided, can you pick out the correct person who positively impacted the world from past and present? This certainly isn't a complete list, but rather an eclectic and memorable mix. We hope you enjoy!

Can You Translate 13 Medical Term Shorthands?

The medical field uses a vast assortment of slang, shorthand, and abbreviations which aren’t found in normal day to day speak. We’ve collected some of the more commonly used here for your trivia enjoyment. Can you translate them correctly? Enjoy!

Can You Name These 11 Baby Animals?

We all know a young baby dog can be called a puppy and a cat a kitten, but can you figure out what these next 11 baby animals are called? Some can be a bit tricky, but we hope you enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Classic Boardgame Riddles?

We've selected some of the most popular classic board games in recent memory. Using only the clues and photo evidence provided, can you answer 11 questions about some of the greatest of the 20th century?

Can You Identify These 80s TV Star Headshots?

They sure don't make TV like they used to, and some of our fondest memories of the 80s were spent in front of that ol' tube of enjoyment. See if you can name the actors and actresses that played some huge rolls in that decade. Enjoy!

Can You Pinpoint 12 States on a Blank Map?

Are you ready to try a new take on our popular blank map quizzes? This time around, after removing all the identifying labels, we’ve colored a group of states different colors. We'll name one, and you have to tell us what color that state is. The questions will get harder because the options will grow. This might be tough so be sure to keep that thinking cap on tight. We hope you enjoy. Good luck!

Can You Pluralize 11 Singular Words Correctly?

Get your thinking cap ready because this quiz is a toughie. We’ve compiled a list of 11 singular words with unique and sometimes downright wrong-looking plural forms. All you have to do is pick the proper form from the options provided. Can you get them all correct? We think not, but wish you Good luck!

Can You Locate 11 Lesser Known US Landmarks?

We will list a lesser known US landmark and show you an image of it. All you have to do is tell us which state it’s in. Sounds easy, right? The questions will get harder as you progress, so don’t get too ahead of yourself early. Hit the button below to start. Enjoy!

Can You Translate 11 Police Officer Slangs?

Law enforcement officials often use slang terms and abbreviations for commonly said phrases in conversation or in their police reports. Though these aren't completely universal across all police departments we've tried to cross reference the most widely used. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 Commonly Misused Words?

Take a PEAK, PEEK, or PIQUE at this FUN quiz. See if you can pick out the correct words that many people get confused. Be careful, they can be a bit tricky! Enjoy!

Can You Identify 11 States By Shape?

We've separated 11 states from their neighbors and removed any identifying markings from them. All you have is the outline of the state's border. Can you identify them just by their shapes alone? Enjoy!

Can You Answer 11 Tricky Nursery Rhyme Riddles?

Most people have encountered most of these nursery rhymes at least once in their lives, but do you think you remember them well enough to actually answer some questions about them now? Good luck and enjoy. Also, don’t forget to share this quiz to bring back some of that childhood magic!